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Why should I shop at BestValueRC?
BestValueRC is run by hobbyists for hobbyists. Our goal is to offer best value to our customers. We cannot claim that the products that we carry are of the highest quality or the lowest prices, but they are carefully sourced in China based on their overall potentials to perform as well as their acquisition costs. Such a balance is stricken so that you can get the most bang for your buck.
Do I need to pay any sales tax?
Do I need to pay any import duty?
There are exceptions but for the vast majority of our customers of most countries, the answer is no.
Why should I register on BestValueRC?
Being registered is a necessity to order on

Even if you are not yet ready to order, once registered, you can see the shipping services available to you and the shipping costs to your country for a particular product right on its product detail page. The registration is quick and easy. We only ask for minimal amount of information that is essential for online ordering, and your submitted information will solely be used for getting products from us.
How do I pay for my order?
BestValueRC uses PayPal payment service.

If you have a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card, or if you have a PayPal account, you can send money to BestValueRC. We will not touch your credit card or bank account information. Such information will be handled by PayPal, the world leading online payment service provider, which is an expert in online payment security.

When you have placed your order on, the web site will send you to with the amount that you need to pay us. After you have gone through the payment process on successfully, PayPal will send us a notification about your payment, and we will ship your order.

If for any reason we need to refund you your money, there will be no penalty and no service charge from PayPal.
What happens after your payment is made?
Please note that BestValueRC does not send you a confirmation for receiving your payment. PayPal should give you an confirmation if your payment is successful. If not, you can check your PayPal transactions on PayPal's web site.

We normally process your order within 2 working days. Unpaid orders are ignored.

If there is a problem, we will contact you to let you know. If all is well, your order will leave our warehouse on the same day, for our international forwarder located in Shenzhen, which will normally take one to two days..

Upon receiving your order, our international forwarder will process it and send us the tracking number for your order, and we will then pass the tracking number to you.
How much is the cost for shipping a certain product to my country? can calculate shipping costs for you before you pay.

On the product page with detailed information, you can see shipping costs of available shipping methods. These are costs of shipping one product to the US continent or your country if you have logged on.

When you proceed to check out, will calculate the total shipping cost for all the items in your shopping cart for you. It is often significantly less than the sum of the respective shipping costs for all the individual items.
How fast/slow can I expect to get my order?
It very much depends on where you are and how accessible the ship-to address is. Many factors can affect the movement of your parcel. It could be handled by more than two postal systems, and sometimes by private contractors hired by the postal systems, and go through multiple customs checks. The efficiencies of the involved organizations can speed up or slow down the shipment. Seasons and holidays will impact the workloads of those organizations. We can only give some rough ideas here.

The shipping methods available on BestValueRC generally fall into two categories: priority mails and registered air mails. China EMS, Hong Kong Post's Speedpost, and Singapore Speedpost belong to the first category, while China Large Parcel Service, Hong Kong Large Parcel Service, and Hong Kong Small Parcel Service the Second.

The first category of services usually takes one to two weeks to deliver a parcel, and the second one typically takes four to six weeks to deliver a parcel. Exceptions do occur, and they are out of our control. We will try our best to get your order delivered to you. In the unlikely event that your order does get lost in shipping, we will try to re-ship your order at our cost or give you a full refund.
How do I save on shipping costs?
International shipping is expensive, but there are a few things that you can do to minimize your shipping expense.

1. Buy accessories together with airplane kits. Because China EMS and Hong Kong Large Parcel Service both charge shipping fee for every 500 grams of the total shipping weight, the accessories can often get a "free ride" if their weight does not cause the total shipping weight to increase so much that the shipping fee also goes up a level.

2. Buy multiple airplane kits together. Many airplane kits are prone to damages during shipment without employing extra packaging. However, multiple airplane kits often need only one set of extra packaging to be safely shipped. As a result, the packaging materials used per kit is reduced and so is their shipping cost.

3. Since the web site can calculate shipping costs for you, feel free to experiment with placing different products into the shopping cart to optimize each order.
Why did my order not use the shipping method that I had chosen?
Sometimes, we can upgrade the shipping method at no or little additional cost to us. We will take advantage of such opportunities so that you can get your order faster and more safely.

Starting from 2015, China EMS charges on the basis of the parcel's actual weight or its dimensional weight, whichever is greater, for selected countries if the parcel is longer than 60 centimeters. This makes using China EMS to ship most airplane frames to those countries prohibitively expensive. Our solution right now is to use Singapore Speedpost service instead of China EMS when shipping large parcels to those countries. Currently, USA and Australia are on the list, and other countries may be put on it later.

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